Policies, Warranty, Repairs

Surgeon is a company that exists as an expression of different people, collectively serving others with a sense of purpose through individual gifts and talents.

We believe with each new customer, employee, associate, and personal encounter, we grow in our ability to reach others with a message and products that can enhance someone’s life.

So here are a few things we’ll promise to you.

  • We keep our word, we will be honest with you. We will be respectful and kind, always.
  • We want you to be a part of this brand, we want to tell your story, we want to hear your voice so we promise to listen.
  • We promise not to bombard you with promotions, pop-ups or gimmicks.
  • Our desire is, when you get something from us, you look forward to reading & it adds value to your life
  • We will design and make products in the best way possible

Here are a few things we promise about our products:

  • We offer a Warranty on our products for 33 years. There are a few conditions so look at the details on our “Warranty Me” page.
  • We offer you easy returns or exchanges on all our products within 15 days of purchase. In order to maintain the lowest possible prices, we’ll simply ask you pay for the shipping on the way back to us
  • We use the best materials we can find that offer practical functionality and are durable while still maintaining a fair price.

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