Congrats on your new purchase & welcome to our family!

We hope you love your product as much as we loved creating it!

As promised, if your product is registered within 30 days of your purchase, we’re happy to offer you a 33 year warranty on your product. Please see link below to fill out information.


Warranty Details:

If there is a manufacturing issue including but not limited to faulty hardware, functionality issues or material defects, we will replace your item with a new product.

If you have had your bag at least a year and experience issues with normal wear and tear, such as a stitch coming undone, or a rivet coming loose, we will repair your bag as needed.

All our warranty coverage will require your product number, photos and possibly shipping to our repair center. We reserve the right to deny any warranty based on abuse of the product, misuse or intentional damage to the item. Every repair case will be carefully evaluated and reviewed to ensure we can give you the best service while still maintaining to stay in business.


Thank you!